Can a sitz bath treat hemorrhoids? Answers

Hemorrhoid treatment

Hemorrhoids are irritating. They are also embarrassing. And when painful, they are unbearable.

A lot of hemorrhoid treatments exist. Some are natural. And some ain’t.

For non-natural hemorrhoid treatments, what most people worry about them is the side effects. As for natural remedies, most of them aren’t as effective as you would wish. It is therefore hard to know what exactly you should go for once you get hemorrhoids.

The good news is that there are treatments that are both natural and effective. These treatments tend to give a hemorrhoid sufferer the best of both worlds. Relief from hemorrhoid pain and discomfort. And a risk-free way to get this relief.

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Taking a sitz bath is one of the most recommended natural methods of getting rid of hemorrhoids. Most people believe it is an effective way of treating hemorrhoids. Question is, how effective is it as a hemorrhoid remedy?

What exactly is a sitz bath?

Where did the name come from? Well, it has German origins. The “Sitz” comes from the German word for seat. So, a sitz bath is generally a bath that is meant to be sat in.

A complete sitz bath kit usually includes a plastic container that can fit into a toilet seat, a long tube that connects the container to a plastic bag, and the plastic bag.

To use it, you fit the container in the toilet seat. You then fill the plastic bag with warm water and then use it to fill the container. All you have to do then is sit in the container.

It is almost the same as sitting in a basin that is filled with warm water. The only difference is that a sitz bath kit makes the whole process more convenient.

With a sitz bath kit, you don’t have to physically refill the container once the water starts to cool down. This happens automatically. As the water cools, you can get a fresh supply of water from the bag. And any excess water will flow out of the container and into your toilet. It makes getting hemorrhoid pain relief way more convenient.

Use of sitz bath soaks for faster hemorrhoid relief

Hemorrhoids are simply swollen veins. A warm water sitz bath can reduce this swelling. It can also help in cleaning the area — without the risk of irritating the sensitive swollen tissues.

However, while a basic sitz bath works just fine, you can get faster hemorrhoid healing by using sitz bath soaks. These soaks contain salts, herbs and other natural ingredients that accelerate the rate of healing.

Since some of the sitz bath soaks contain ingredients with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, they also help to reduce the risks of infections. There is also the fact that some contain compounds that reduce irritation and pain.

All of these things ensure that your hemorrhoids shrink and disappear faster. You also experience less discomfort while you wait for your hemorrhoids to heal.

How effective are sitz baths as a natural hemorrhoid treatment?

People who use sitz baths to cure hemorrhoids get results. However, this hasn’t made it into the most common method of getting rid of this condition. At least it isn’t as common as using a topical cream for hemorrhoids. Does it have to do with the fact that anal creams are more effective at treating hemorrhoids than sitz baths?

This is something that a couple of scientists chose to explore. They gathered a couple of women who had hemorrhoids and then divided them into two groups. One of the groups was given an anal cream. The other group was restricted to using a sitz bath.

After a while, they noted the degree of healing. When they compiled their results, they found out that in the sitz bath group, all the women experienced complete healing. However, this wasn’t the case for the group that used the anal cream. This group registered an 84% healing rate.

The difference was significant. And the results were really clear. A sitz bath is more effective at treating hemorrhoids than most creams.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, it is a good treatment option. In fact, you can use it together with your other treatments. It is a natural hemorrhoid treatment. It has no side effects. And as the study showed, it might just work where other hemorrhoid treatment options have failed.