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Top 3 Best Vaginal Applicators For Applying Creams, Gels & Medications [ 2018 ] — Better Vagina Health

Vaginal applicators make applying medication and creams easier. They make the process less messy. And also ensure that you get the dosage that you need.

Some medications, gels and creams come already pre-filled in applicators. This makes them easy and convenient to apply.

However, some don’t. Applying these creams / gels / medications is difficult. It is messy. And you may even end up not applying the medication as required, given the difficulty encountered when trying to access the deeper areas of the vaginal area.

There are a lot of applicators in the market. Some are great. And others suck. So, what is the difference between a great vaginal applicator and a not-so-great one?

Pregnancy and getting pregnant

It all comes down to the characteristics of the applicators. And while going for one that has the most convenient features/characteristics is a good strategy, it might backfire. A foolproof method of avoiding the disappointment of ending up with a product that promises a lot but disappoints, is to look at the reputation of the company that manufactures the applicator. Customer reviews will also come in handy.

The following are some of the features that you should definitely look out for when considering which applicator to buy.

Dosage marks

This comes in handy when applying medications to your vaginal area. It is also useful when applying creams and gels as you can ensure that your intimate parts get their recommended fill, and nothing more. This avoids wastage.


Applicators with threaded ends are preferable over those without. Those with threaded ends can be easily screwed onto creams/gels/medications. This makes transferring “substances” into the vaginal applicator easier. It is convenient. And avoids wastage.


With this feature, it all depends on your personal preferences.

However, it is important to note that most people prefer disposable applicators. This is because with these applicators, you never have to worry about cleaning them. Since you only use the applicators once, there is also no risk of contracting an infection as a result of using an improperly cleaned vagina applicator.


Generally, the more that a vaginal applicator can hold, the better. This is because with an applicator that holds a lot, you don’t have to worry about refilling or using different applicators for a single dose of medication or recommended quantity of cream/gel.


Sanitation is important when it comes to things that come in contact with your vaginal area. This is because the vaginal area is sensitive and the smallest of things can upset the vagina’s natural balance.

When it comes to vaginal applicators, how they are packaged matters. Generally, individually wrapped applicators are preferred over those that aren’t. This is because individually wrapped ones are cleaner and more sanitary.

Given the above considerations, the following are the best, highest rated and most recommended applicators that you can buy.

#1. Dr. MK’s Disposable Vaginal Applicators

Best cream and gel applicator for the vaginal area

These are definitely one of the most-rated applicators in the market. And with a 4.7 star Amazon rating, they are definitely one of the highest rated. It all has to do with how easy they are to use. Here are some of the things that make them a favorite among women.

Fits a variety of products

These vaginal applicators have been designed to be used in different in applying different products. It can fit Premarin, Estrace and many more types of gels, creams and medications. This makes them convenient. With these applicators in hand, you are always guaranteed of an easy way to apply creams, gels and medications without worrying about whether they will be a fit.

Comes already marked with dosages

This feature ensures that you never get it wrong when it comes to the amount of product to apply. Whether you need to apply 1GM, 3GM, 4GM, 2GM or 5GM, you won’t get it wrong as these are clearly marked on the applicator.

Universal threaded end

To make it easy to get product into the applicator, the makers of these applicators designed it with threaded ends. These ends can fit into most creams/gels/medications. This makes it easy to transfer product into the vaginal applicator. It reduces the messiness of applying medication to the vaginal area and reduces wastage.

Disposable vaginal applicators

The dispose-ability of these applicators is a plus since you don’t have to clean them every time after use. You also don’t have to worry about storing them. All you have to do is use them and then throw them away. It is that simple.

Easy to get product into the vaginal applicator

Even when the ends of some contraceptives, personal lubricants and spermicide gels cannot screw into the applicator, you shouldn’t worry. This is because this applicator has been made in such a way that squeezing product into it is easy.

Individually wrapped applicators

This guarantees better sanitation.

#2. Aloe Cadabra Extra Disposable Vaginal Applicators

Best vaginal applicator for applying creams, gels, medication and otc drugs

With 267 customer reviews, this stands as the most reviewed vaginal applicator. The impressive 4.6 average rating on Amazon only shows how effective, simple to use and convenient it is.

The following are some of the reasons why this applicator is not only the most popular, but also a highly rated vaginal applicator in the marketplace.

Threaded generic fit end

The threaded end of this applicator makes it easy to screw it on almost any contraceptive gel, vaginal cream or medication that has threading. This makes application easy. It reduces the risks of making a mess during application and therefore helps save on the product.

Individually wrapped disposable vaginal applicators

This is a 15-pack product. However, each of the applicators is individually wrapped. This makes keeping the applicators clean and in sanitary conditions easier and generally protects your vagina from the risks of contracting a hygiene-related infection.


In addition to individual wrapping, these applicators are disposable. You have to only use them once. There is no need for cleaning them. This is a bonus when it comes to sanitation, something that makes them ideal for use in your intimate areas.

Measurement doses

It is easy to know how much of a product you are applying to your vagina when using these vaginal applicators. This is because they contain calibrations. This makes it easier to use the recommended amounts, guaranteeing faster results.

Wide usage

This applicator has been designed to be used with a wide variety of products. It can be used with natural lube, vaginal moisturizers, organic lubricants, Estrace, Premarin, hormone creams and various OTC products.

#3. Truly Conc Extra Disposable Applicators

Disposable vaginal applicator for creams, gels and medications

These are relatively new in the market. For the time they have been on sale, they have garnered high ratings. They are therefore reliable and do exactly what they promise.

What most customers seem to love about these disposable vaginal applicators, other than the fact that they are convenient to use, is their price. Their 4 gram capacity is also large enough for most application scenarios, making them ideal for everyday use.

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