Yeast Infections

How Common Are Yeast Infections? | 5 Interesting Facts For You

Are yeast infections common? Is it abnormal to have vaginal yeast infections? What does it mean when I have a candida yeast infection? These are questions that most women with candida yeast infections ask. If you are one of them, you are at the right place.

1. 75% of women get vaginal yeast infections

Vaginal yeast infections are common. According to Mayo Clinic, over 75% of women get them at least once in their lifetime. That is 3 in every woman you meet or know. That is quite common and a reason why you shouldn’t feel weird or strange when your doctor tells you that you have a candida vaginal yeast infection.

2. Recurrent yeast infections are also common

Recurrent vaginal yeast infections are also common. This is according to the CDC. It estimates that between 40-45% will have at least two or more episodes of candida infections. This is almost half of the female population.

3. Not common in every age group

However, they are not as common before puberty. They are also rare after menopause. This is according to the Office on Women’s Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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4. Men can also get yeast infections

Men can also get a candida yeast infection. This usually happens in cases where the man has unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman. In such a case, the man will start experiencing some of the symptoms of yeast infections. This includes itching. Rashes may also develop on his penis.

5. Yeast infections are not as common in men

However, yeast infection in men is not as common as in women. WomensHealth.Gov puts the risk of men getting a yeast infection at 15%.

What does it mean when you have a yeast infection?

A yeast infection occurs when yeast growth gets out of control. It can be as a result of taking antibiotics, douching, wearing tight clothes, diseases like HIV, conditions like pregnancy or any one of the many causes of candida yeast infections.

Yeast infections, and the discomfort that they cause, don’t arise out of nowhere. There is always an underlying cause. This is so especially if you have recurrent vaginal yeast infections.

It is therefore advisable that you see your doctor if you notice that your yeast keeps on coming back even after repeated treatments. In such a case, having the underlying cause treated is the best way to prevent the recurrence of the infection.

To sum it up, yeast infections are common. A good number of women even have candida yeast cells in their vaginas without even knowing. Why? Because it is only when there is an overgrowth of yeast that one starts experiencing the discomfort that it causes.

Treating yeast infections is also easy. There are a number of creams that are effective at clearing candida infections. Oral medications have also proven to be effective. And so have natural remedies.

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Therefore, if you have a vaginal yeast infection, don’t fret. It’s a common infection. And getting rid of it is also easy.