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Want a Better Brain? Blackcurrants Could Help Boost Your Mental Health – A Study Shows

It’s not just about increasing brain performance.

What this study showed is that blackcurrants could hold the key not only to getting you to a better mood but also giving you a better chance of winning the fight against stress, depression, anxiety and even Parkinson’s.

Which is great news because finally, there is a chance for a natural mood stabilizer that doesn’t have any side effects.

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The study

This is a scientific study that was published in the Journal of Functional  Foods. It was done by both the University Of Northumbria and a New Zealand  research company.

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The aim of the study was simple: to find out the effect of taking blackcurrant extract, both on a person’s brain and on his or her mood.

They gave 36 adults different samples of the blackcurrant extracts. And then tested them. They tested the performance of their brains, noted their mood and even did blood tests.

Effect of blackcurrants on brain performance

The researchers found out that the blackcurrant extract had a significant effect on brain performance. It made it easier for guys to have better attention. And it also boosted the precision of their memory. And also reduced their susceptibility to mental fatigue.

Effect of blackadder blackcurrant on brain chemicals

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Blackadder is a type of New Zealand blackcurrant that the scientists used in the study.

On performing a blood test on patients that took the blackadder blackcurrant juice, the scientists noticed that taking the juice had a significant effect on certain brain chemicals. The juice somehow slowed the activity of the enzymes that usually regulate the production of dopamine and serotonin – the happy chemicals.

That is what got the scientists so excited. Because if compounds in blackadder blackcurrant could affect serotonin and dopamine levels, the fruit could be used in a variety of applications. Starting with helping to combat the not-so-desirable symptoms of Parkinson’s. And then the possibility of having a natural mood stabilizer. And also a natural brain booster. The possibilities are virtually endless.

An earlier study had found that red berries were also good for the brain. But it turns out that the effect of the blackader blackcurrant has wowed scientists even more.

So if you are in a bad mood, stressed out because of who knows what, or having a slow brain day, reach out for a handful of blackcurrants. They might just be what your brain needs to get its mojo back.

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