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A yeast infection will cause your vagina to itch. Experiencing a burning sensation, having an abnormal discharge and experiencing pain during sex or when urinating is also not unusual. Add to these the bad odor that such an infection causes and this condition is bound to make your life unbearable. The good news is that treating this condition is easy


Ovarian cysts are common. They can rupture. They can also lead to complications such as ovarian torsion, uterine scarring and infertility. They also come with symptoms such as abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal discharge and excessive bleeding. Knowing about them and learning how to prevent them from occurring in your ovaries is important

Pregnancy and getting pregnant


While symptoms such as excessive bleeding, increased urination frequency, back pain, leg pain and constipation should be enough to get you concerned about fibroids, the main fear that most women have with regards to this condition usually relates to its effect on a woman's fertility. If you want to learn more about this complication of the female reproductive system, you are at the right place