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Do You Know If You Have Ruptured Ovarian Cysts? 6 Tests You Need

ovarian cyst treatment tips

An ovarian cyst rupture can come with extremely serious symptoms. This includes excessive bleeding, excruciating pain, internal infections, infertility and in some extreme cases, even death.

Question is: how do you know if you have ruptured ovarian cysts? Here are the different ways you can tell if you have this ovarian cyst complication.

Medical history

If you know that you have ovarian cysts, experiencing sudden sharp pelvic pains is an indicator of a likely cyst burst situation. This is so especially if this pain occurs when you are involved in strenuous activity such as sexual intercourse and exercise.( See can sex cause a cyst burst and can exercise cause an ovarian cyst rupture).

If after such a pain you end up experiencing an abnormal vaginal discharge, the chances that you have a ruptured ovarian cyst just shot up.

Pregnancy and getting pregnant


With an ultrasound, your doctor will be able to use sound waves to take a peak into your reproductive system. He or she will be able to use it to tell the shape, size and location of the cyst. This can help you get an idea on whether it has ruptured or not. It is also good at getting a clear idea of whether a cyst rupture has resulted in an internal bleeding or not.

An ultrasound can also be used to tell whether any other disease or condition is responsible for any of the symptoms that you are experiencing. For example, it will be useful in helping you to know whether you actually have cysts in your ovaries or if it’s just a pregnancy. This is important especially considering the similarities in symptoms between ovarian cysts and pregnancy.

Blood tests

An ovarian cyst rupture can cause excessive bleeding. When bleeding gets out of control, the blood loss that results will lead to a drop in the iron level in your blood.

A blood test will come in handy when checking for ovarian cancer signs. It will also be invaluable when confirming whether the rupture has resulted in a serious internal infection.

Urine test

This test is useful in helping to rule out other causes of pain. It makes it easier to narrow down on a cyst burst as the source of your problems.

Vaginal culture

The discharge that a cyst releases after it bursts can encourage an infection. If this happens, some of it will spread to your vagina. As a result carrying out a vaginal culture will help tell a better story of the type and extent of the infection that is affecting your reproductive system.

ovarian cyst treatment tips

CT scan

According to Hopkins Medicine, with a CT scan, you can get a clearer picture of what is exactly happening in your reproductive system. This test uses a computer and X-rays to create this picture that can then be used to asses the nature of your cyst and whether it has ruptured or not.

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